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New Edition! Red Painting Rectangle Bonsai Pot by Gassan

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5.9 × 4.3 × 1.8 inch
15.5 × 11.3 × 5.0 cm

Gassan (Takao Nagata)

Signed on the bottom by the potter.

January, 2024

・Gassan is a bonsai potter borned and raised in Kyoto. He is also a skilled ceramist of Kyo-yaki tableware.

・The red-painted pot is one of his representative works. When you look at the painting, it depicts a mountain landscape with variations and gradients of red hues. His unique and advanced techniques are employed in the creation of this piece.
・Originally, he started making bonsai pots for his hobby of bonsai. As his bonsai often consisted of small trees, the pots he crafted were predominantly small and shallow. However, many customers from overseas expressed the desire for larger and deeper pots. In response to these requests, he has created a larger-sized pot for the first time, reflecting a departure from his usual smaller designs. With the increased size of the pot, the red-painted depiction on the sides has become more visible and easier to appreciate.
・Unlike the red-painted rectangule pot he always makes, this pot especially features detailed drawings of houses. Old traditional Japanese houses can be seen at the foot of the mountain. He has used his own home where he actually lives as the motif.


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