YUKIMONO store in Tokyo

This is the inside view from the entrance.

Hello, we are happy to tell you a good news!

YUKIMONO opened a bonsai pot store in Tokyo on June 4.

It is definitely the first store which sells European bonsai pots in Japan.

We have provided Japanese bonsai pots, especially Tokoname pots to the world since 2013.

Meanwhile, we have had chances to meet many wonderful bonsai potters who created great works with high skills and passion in Europe and other countries.

It was our dream to introduce their beautiful pots to Japanese bonsai enthusiasts. Fortunately, we got a chance to open a store and it is the first step to our dream.

Inokashira Park

YUKIMONO store is located in the middle of Tokyo-city, and near Kichijoji-station of the Chuo line. Inokashira Park is under our store and you can walk to the Ghibli Museum from our store. us. There are nice restaurants, café, and a variety of shops around YUKIMONO.

The bonsai display of early June in the store
The bonsai display of late June in the store 
Currently, there are some European potter’s pots (they are all part of my collection!) and some unique Japanese potter’s works in the store. The international airmail services are back to normal, and we are now able and also would like to put more and more works from Europe and other countries.

Needless to say, we are selling and shipping Japanese beautiful bonsai pots to the world as usual!

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