We ship all over the world!

Hello from Bonsai Pot Store YUKIMONO

We would like to inform our customers current shipping area from us, Tokyo, Japan.

Thanks to the effort by all international delivery services, our bonsai pots ship to almost all countries/areas except some countries at war or in the difficulty.

These colored countries/areas are available at present.

●How should I check the shipping cost?

Sometimes, we get questions from our customers about available shipping area and the shipping cost. We answer all such inquiries, however, you can also check it on the online store.

Though YUKIMONO offers many bonsai pots with shipping free, if you want to check the shipping cost, please add a pot to the cart, put your receiving address, and you can see how much it cost or “shipping free” before making a payment.










Press "Add to cart"  











① Put your receiving  address

② Press "Continue to shipping"











Then you can check the shipping cost or "free shipping"

Please don’t worry, you can check them before making a payment.

Thank you!

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