The Nandina Show 2024

Do you know about ”Kinshi Nanten 錦糸南天”?

Kinshi Nanten = Nandina Domestica is a relative of the Nandina plant but is characterized by smaller and thinner leaves compared to Nandina. About 150 years ago, Japanese people selectively bred Nandina to create various new varieties, and it was a very popular plant in those days. Additionally, it is a plant found only in Japan unless it has been exported. Nandina Domestica currently includes approximately 20 different varieties that are known. They are indeed  rare and precious presence today.

At Bonsai Pot Store YUKIMONO, we held a Nandina domestica show from June 22 to June 30, 2024. The participants in this show were our Japanese customers. Enthusiasts who are interested in Nandina domestica have organized several study sessions, and we have been holding this event since 2023.

Compared to bonsai exhibitions held in Japan, we implemented this event in a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. The participants had varying levels of experience, but each of them enjoyed getting creative with their displays.

This kind of combination for display can be fascinating, don't you think?


We also concurrently held Yuka Ishikawa's pot exhibition.


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