The bonsai potter, Gassan of Kyoto Part 1

Mr. Takao Nagata, and Gassan

Hello, I am Yuki, an owner of the YUKIMONO web store.

Today let me introduce you the bonsai potter, Gassan of Kyoto.

Takao Nagata, and his professional name as a potter is Gassan(月山), was born and raised in Kyoto-city. After accumulating enough experience at a house of Kyo wear, he opened his kiln in the suburbs of Kyoto-city, Kyotanbacho in 1990, and has continued making tableware of Kyo ware so far.
These are not bonsai pots but tableware by Gassan.

Expressing the characteristics of Kyo ware with keywords, they are gorgeous, fabulous, sophisticated, of various shapes and fine paintings. As Kyoto has been the palace city and the center of the politics, economy, and culture in Japan for a long time, the best materials and skilled artisans from all over Japan have gathered here. Many wonderful crafts/arts were created and various kinds of techniques have constantly improved. Kyo wear was created in the early 17th century and developed as the style of ceramic of Kyoto.

Gassan was a skilled ceramist of Kyo ware who made tableware, but thankfully, not only dishes and tea bowls but he also makes bonsai pots after being interested in bonsai. I think one of the most wonderful things of his work are not only extremely fabulous but have also incorporated the beauty of Kyo ware that can harmonize nicely with plants.

His gorgeous Shimpaku in his painting pot.
This red painting is one of his representative works. According to him, it is the view of the highland (it is called Tamba-kochi 丹波高地) that can be seen from the highway when he goes back to his home from Kyoto-city.

(To be continued.)

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