The Bonsai Hair Salon Project!

Hello, I am Yuki, an owner of the Japanese bonsai pots online store YUKIMONO.

How's your weekend?


I am so excited because a challenging new project for me will start soon. It is “decorating a hair salon with Bonsai”, which will hold first Saturday and Sunday in September.


The salon "Asagaya3394", is located near the JR Asagaya station in Suginami, Tokyo. The red wall and black pillars with many posters of movie stars are very impressive. It used to be an old wooden apartment. One young male hairdresser who has a noble spirit, got the whole apartment building and reformed the inside to a modern and interesting space where young people want to come. As the interior shows, he, the owner of the salon is quite unique and enjoys doing something new.


I get my hair cut at the salon once in every two months. As I have talked to the owner for 4 years, he knows how I have a passion for bonsai (& bonsai pots) and he is interested in bonsai too. The last time I chatted with him, he asked me if I wanted to display bonsai, and I replied I will do that. And so I got this opportunity.


What most motivated me to do it is that the space to display bonsai is quite different from the Japanese-style space I am more familiar with. Matching bonsai beautifully in the salon with the red wall, many ornaments and star posters will be a challenging and precious opportunity for me. How should I put bonsai in such a place? What bonsai or pots should I choose for the modern salon? I can’t stop thinking of it.

I am wondering if I displayed this...
How about this? It will match the salon
Besides that, his true intention of this project really motivates me. His words, “I hope the visitors of our salon enjoy the space with bonsai, become interested in bonsai and begin doing bonsai” greatly impressed me.
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