The Bonsai Show at a Japanese Shrine

Hell, from Bonsai Pot Store YUKIMONO!
Every September, a bonsai exhibition is held at the shrine near our store. Many shrines in Japan hold autumn festivals in September, and the bonsai show is held in conjunction with these events. It is the show where local bonsai enthusiasts display their bonsai for the community, and has a long history, having continued for over half a century. The owner of our store also participates individually as an exhibitor. Here is a photo summary of it held in 2023.

●In the shrine's nice corridor
The bonsai are displayed in the shrine's corridor, creating a very atmospheric and beautiful space.






●Bonsai displayed
These are the displayed bonsai, contributed and arranged by local enthusiasts.

Here are the bonsai Yuki exhibited.

The bonsai show is open until 8 PM. In the evening, the area is illuminated, creating a very pleasant atmosphere.




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