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Eimei Square Bonsai Pot in Blue with Purple Crystals 5"(13cm)+++Shipping Free

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5.1 × 3.2 inch
13.0 × 8.3 cm

Hideaki Shimizu (Eimei)

Stamped on the bottom by Eimei.

August 2023

This bonsai pot was made by Eimei.
He is one of the most famous bonsai potter in Tokoname, Japan and the second generation in a family of potters. 

The bonsai pot in blue glaze with fine crystals is one of his masterpieces. This pot features a moderate depth, which provides a broad surface area on the sides, allowing the beautiful purple color with fine crystals to stand out. 

It's a beautiful pot that sparkles like a gem. If you pair it with a flowering tree, it will undoubtedly be quite impressive. On the other hand, it might also be nice to leave this pot empty and simply admire it as a decoration for a while.

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