You can see the price in Euro and your country's monetary unit!

Hello, I am Yuki, an owner of Japanese beautiful bonsai pots store YUKIMONO.
We are offering high quality handmade bonsai pots including Tokoname bonsai pottery.
If you visited YUKIMONO store, thank you very much.  

As you may know, the price of the pot in YUKIMONO has been displayed in US dollars.

Recently our store was upgraded with new functions.
You can check the price in your country's monetary unit.

If you want to know the price in Euro, you can change to display it in Euro.
If you live in Australia and want to check the price in Australian dollar, you can do it.

How should I change it?  

It is very easy to display the monetary unit in your country. The way is as follows.

1. Click "Price Display Change." 

2. You now see like this.

3. Select the country.
   Foe example, I select Italy to display the price in Euro. 

4. You select Italy and Euro is displayed.

5. Click "Confirm."

6. It should look like this. An Italian national flag icon is displayed.

7. And the price is displayed in Euro.

8. You go to "Add to Cart" page and you see like this.
   The price in Euro is displayed under the price in US dollar.

Please check it out in your country's monetary unit.
For example....

Australian dollar.

 Vietnamese Dong.

Argentine Pesos.

Please Pay Attention.
The payment is carried out in US dollars. 
The price in each country's monetary unit is just displayed as an aim.

If you want to more,  please contact us.  
Thank you for reading YUKIMONO blog post!