Visiting a potter, Bon-sai Matsusita in Tokoname

Hello, I am Yuki, an owner of the Japanese bonsai pots online store YUKIMONO.

I went on a business trip to Tokoname, the old pottery town, at the end of January 2016.

I go there 4~5 times a year to stock up on new pots from potters. 
Whenever I go to Tokoname, I have an interesting experience. This time I had a chance to visit the bonsai potter “Bon-sai” and it was wonderful. 

Mr.Bon-sai Matsusita(松下凡才), the fourth generation in a family of potters and whose father was also a bonsai potter, is unique and very interesting.

He was an artist creating avant-garde art work in his youth, who turned back to the bonsai world and has been making bonsai pots ever since. I wrote “he was an artist,” but he is still an artist in expressing beauty with bonsai pots in his own style.

It was thought that the shape of a bonsai pot should be like a classical or traditional Chinese style in the Japanese bonsai world, however, he broke up this way of thinking and shows his own style of bonsai pots, what he believes to be most beautiful.

It must have been much tougher for him to carry out such creative activity. 
Think about that he was in Tokoname where many craftsmen worked and respected a tradition, in addition, his father was one of the most famous bonsai potters who made traditional style bonsai pots. Actually he has been under pressure from the community and has had to overcome many difficulties.

His style has become more receptive, and nowadays his pots are popular amongst Japanese bonsai enthusiasts. 
His words, 
A bonsai potter must be an artist and should keep creating what you really want,” 
were very impressive to me.

By the way his name Bon-sai(凡才) means “ordinary ability,” and it is different from the word bonsai (盆栽) that we all know.

These are his work. 

This pot is made by the son of Bon-sai, BJR(Bon-sai, Jr.) 

This is also BJR's work.
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