The story of the frog feet bonsai pot

Hello, I am Yuki, an owner of Japanese bonsai pots online store YUKIMONO.  
Today,I will tell you the story about how the pot in the picture was born. 

As you know, there are various designed feet of the bonsai pot. You might often see "Cloud feet" or "Cat feet." Most of them look classical and traditional style. 
I have been wondering why the new design feet weren't created. 
I asked the Tokoname bonsai potter Shuuhou (Hidemi Kataoka) to make something new feet.  

What lead him to start making new bonsai pot feet was this picture. This is a planter that I took at Ferrara, Italy few years ago. It has 3 clawfeet and impressive for me.
I showed this picture to him and asked him.
"How about making the new bird feet?" .

The clawfoot is not bad. But I hoped something more new and adorable. Like this.
I said to Hidemi "How about the duck feet?" 

He said "Why not?." And the duck foot came up.

And it became like this.

Wow! The pink hexagonal bonsai pot with duck!
Do you like it?

Hidemi said "I will try to make another shape duck feet!"
And they were made.

The new pot was completed.
I though the shape and the balance of it were really great.
But it reminded me something to eat. . Mmm........looks delicious!

How do you look at this duck feet pot?

He tried to make the pot again.
Here is another variation.                                                             

And it turned out like this.
Do you see it as a duck feet pot?

Thank you for reading the story until the end.
If you are interested in the frog bonsai pots, please contact me.

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Thank you!