Let's walk the bonsai pot town,Tokoname

Last Saturday I went to Tokoname to visit the bonsai potter, Hidemi Kataoka's workshop.
Tokoname is recognized as one of the six ancient kilns of Japan, with a ceramic history which spans over a thousand years.
The main ceramic productions are/were pipes, tiles, tea pots, and of course BONSAI POTS.

Thought I was Tokoname several times on a business trip, I have never enjoyed the sightseeing.
This time I could hit some sights that were very Tokoname.

This is the very Tokoname view,the black walls of houses and factories.To keep termites, the walls are burned and painted with a tar to preserve the wood.  

An chimney of old kiln closed.

My most favorite view of Tokoname. Just like a bonsai. A tree growing to that size on top of a kiln chimney.  

The ceramic pipes were one of a main products of Tokoname.

The bonsai potter Hidemi Kataoka / Shuuhou

There are many molds in Hidemi's wokshop.

Visit YUKIMONO store, and you can see many Hidemi Kataoka/Shuuhou bonsai pots.
Thank you!