Invitation to the bonsai exhibiton at "Ogikubo Hachiman"

Hello, friends!

Let me tell you about the local bonsai exhibition held in my hometown Suginami,Tokyo in September.

It is a small local event, however I believe it is one of the most splendid bonsai exhibitions in Japan.

Almost all of the trees displayed here are great masterpieces that are displayed at the famous bonsai exhibition such as “Kokufu-ten” or “Taikan-ten” in Japan.

The exhibition has been held on the day of the Shrine "Ogikubo Hachiman's” festival every September for 46 years. The festival, will be the 47thin this year, is held over a 2 day-period (12 and 13, September).

Every bonsai tree displayed at the festival belongs to local bonsai enthusiasts who live around the shrine. All the trees are absolutely fabulous and really worth seeing. They are very well cared for by bonsai artists.

If you are interested in bonsai or Japanese art, and are fortunate to be staying in Tokyo this September, I would strongly advise you to see this exhibition.The admission is free.

If you came to see the shrine after dark, you would enjoy fantastic scene with the light of the garden lanterns.

I will be at the reception all days and look forward to seeing you!

If you ever get a chance to attend then the directions are as follows;

At the front gate of the Shrine is the festival, you will see a lot of food stands along the entrance path to the main shrine. Go ahead along the path and you will reach the main gate. Pass through the gate and turn to the right, you will enjoy the beautiful corridor displayed with many bonsai.


Dates :  12 and 13, September

OpenTime:   9:00~20:00

Place:   The Shinto shrine “Ogikubo Hachiman”

  4-19-2 Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Access:  15~20 minutes on foot from JR Ogikubo station


The Nor play is performed on outdoor stage at the shrine every year.