5 Tokoname bonsai pots with fantastic patterns on the glaze

Hello, I am Yuki, an owner of the Japanese bonsai pots online store YUKIMONO.

One of the fascinating things about the bonsai pot are the beautiful patterns appearing by chance on the glaze. Let me tell you about 5 impressive pots with interesting patterns, which attracted my attention at the potter’s workshops in Tokoname last month. 

●White bubbles in black water!
This flower shaped bonsai pot in Tenmoku glaze made by Hidemi Kataoka, has interesting patterns which look like a covering of white bubbles in black water. When I saw it in Hidemi’s warehouse, it reminded me of the art work by the famous Japanese avant-garde sculptor, Yayoi Kusama. In spite of the simple and classic shape, this pot has a modern feel. It is also nice to enjoy it just as a piece of art.

●Circles with white dots! 
This hexagonal bonsai pot, my favorite shape, is also made by Hidemi. Though he never anticipates any patterns, these small circles with white dots have come out after firing the pot. I think they make the pot look old give it a lot of character. If you put a gorgeous tree, hopefully with flowers, in the pot and displayed it at a bonsai exhibition, it would undoubtedly draw attention.
This blue Hidemi pot also has white circles look like a peacock's feathers. The patterns make the pot look elegant.

●Patina, patina, patina!
This is a very classic semi-cascade bonsai pot, and absolutely one of the masterpieces from Juko of Tokoname. As the patina comes out in a beautiful pattern, covering over the Oribe glaze, the pot has a very old feel. The lights reflected by the patina make the pot sometimes look deep blue and sometimes silver. If an old tree fitted this pot, it would have dignity.

This is another fantastic turquoise semi-cascade pot. It also has beautiful patina and is smaller than the Oribe pot above. 
They are available, so if you are a patina pots lover, it will be advisable to add these pieces to your collection right now.

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All pots in this blog post are available and two Juko pots will be added YUKIMONO online store soon.